QUARANTINE 2020 Check In

QUARANTINE 2020 Check In

Hope everyone is staying sane—not gonna lie, I’m slowly losing it!

I don’t think my house has ever been this clean and not sure I’ve ever made this many home-cooked meals in a row. I’ll refrain from telling you all about Veronica, my sourdough starter, but just know that we’ve rekindled our relationship.

And dare I mention the hours of Netflix I’ve recently dropped into? I mean, Tiger King: check; Ozark: check; Better Call Saul: check. Need I go on?

But if you’re like me and now want to spend a little less time watching TV (or just need something to do with your hands while you watch TV), I have two fun ideas:



Our in-house creative genius (shout out to Amy!) has made all of our packaging illustrations from Alvaro Ilizarbe available as PDFs here. They make for the perfect coloring book! Just download the book, grab your favorite colored pens (or just steal your kid’s crayons…) and get to work!

And the final step of art is to show your work! Take a picture of your masterpiece and use #AlpineStartColoring and @alpinestartfoods on Instagram to be entered to win a free Alpine Start variety pack.

2. COOK... err, blend?

If coloring isn’t your thing (it’s honestly not mine… I’m not that great at keeping it between the lines), then perhaps cooking is more your speed. Check out this (dare I say, fun) video of how to make Dalgona coffee, the velvety smooth whipped coffee that’s lighter than the clouds we dream on.  If you need to stock up on ingredients use the code Dalgona20 at checkout to receive 20% off your order.

We’re also making this a fun competition, so share your Dalgona adventures with #AlpineStartDalgona and @alpinestartfoods on Instagram and you’ll be entered to win a free Alpine Start variety pack.

The best posts from each entry will be announced at the end of April.

Good luck, enjoy, and don’t forget to wash your hands,




Hey everyone,

Wow. Okay. Are you doing alright?

Hopefully the kids aren’t using your living room for P.E. class or your roommate hasn’t found a new love for playing really loud video games.

We’re all working from home and trying to stay optimistic in the face of all this anxiety. Don’t worry, our coffee isn’t going away! In fact, if you’re like us, the biggest concern is over caffeinating. So dare I say, be careful with this one… drink coffee but don’t overdo it!

And If you are working from home these days like us, I’m sure you’ve found yourself with a lot more time on your hands. Worried about getting cabin fever?

Here are a few suggestions of healthy ways to entertain yourself during quarantine. 

  1. Learn the Wim Hof Method of Breathing

This guy is absolutely loco (in the best of ways). I had the good fortune of meeting him a few years back at The North Face Global Athlete summit. Download the free app or just go to his website and fill those lungs with some good ol oxygen. Who knows, you may actually enjoy it!

  1. Take an online Training Class

Just because every gym in the country is closed doesn’t mean you have to stop training! My friend Zahan Billimoria out of Jackson WY has put together some bodyweight-only training regimes you can do in the comfort of your own home. To get people active and started he’s offering a “COVID 19 FREE WORKOUT.”

  1. Learn a New Recipe

I know I’ve been spending way too much time diving down all these News stories rabbit holes and over-stimulating myself with way to much information about COVID–19. Here’s a web site that has NOTHING to do with the Coronavirus and everything to do with cooking! You’ve probably also found yourself with a little more time to spend in your kitchen. So dive down this Bon Appetit rabbit hole and find something extra yummy to cook. One of my new favorite recipes is Gochujang Chicken.

  1. Plan your first post-pandemic backpacking trip

One more thing… in my last note to the world—wow seems like a lifetime ago, I think it was last week—I talked about backpacking foods. I think it came across like I was saying all camping food is equally crap. Well, that’s definitely not the case and there’s one brand that sits above the rest! I’ve eaten these meals all over the world and they truly are great.


That’s it for now, hopefully you haven’t strangled your roommate or put your kid on a leash.

Stay safe, stay healthy AND wash your hands,





Just In Case... Saturday Sipping

Just In Case... Saturday Sipping

Not the biggest “doomsday” guy but I’d be lying if I didn’t say this whole COVID-19 Coronavirus wasn’t freaking me out a little. I mean it’s spreading like wild fire and has the potential affect us all. I’m sure you already listened to the Daily last week where Michael Barbaro breaks down the facts. If not here’s the link: The best current event podcast ever.  You’re welcome! 


I don’t believe in trying to spread mass hysteria and not trying to be over opportunistic. I mean its crazy out there folks, people are making bank selling “coronavirus masks and suits” that effectively don’t do anything for you. counterfeits 


But I’m sad to say we’re all buying into it because who wants to get sick! I haven’t gone out and bought a mask and suit but I did just cancel a trip to Expo West in California and moments after I canceled my flight the whole event was canceled. Expo West Postponed


The whole scenario really has me thinking. A lot of people are simply choosing to stay at home and hunker down to prepare for the end of days. Allegedly Costco’s are getting flooded with people buying everything they need to fill their personal disaster survival doomsday kits. 
It made me realize I kinda have a lot of experience with survival kits. I mean I’ve never really had to use one or even made one, but I have spent a lot of time in the backcountry camping. There’s a lot of similarities, you basically are preparing to survive on the basics which I’d like to think I’ve gotten pretty good at. 
But “the basics” are different for everyone. I mean 2 Chains said it best “I think having a fashionable bag gives you a higher level of survival instinct.” When referring to the $10,000 “Prepster Black” survival bag by LA company Preppi. 
I’ve decided to come up with a non-essential, essential list of things everyone should add to their disaster kits. You cant put a price on morale and when things get tough you’ll be extra psyched on these items to get you through tough times.  

My top 4 things I couldn’t live with out... 
Alpine Start (obviously)
BUT in all seriousness how many people do you know out there that aren’t really human until they’ve had at least 3 cups of coffee. That’s me, and what’s breakfast without a cup of coffee, hot or cold.  
Monopoly Deal (card game) 
I mean, you gotta pass the time some how! This ones a personal favorite from rainy days in a tent, to nights on a portal ledge hundreds of feet off the ground I’m sad to say I’ve played hundreds of games over the last few years. 
Bluetooth Speaker 
If you’re anything like me music is one of the best most efficient ways to change or set the mood. Whether you’re blasting Barry White with your significant other or singing along to epic 90’s tunes like Will Smith or Maria Carry. Music is a must. 

Canned Wine 
If you’ve done any research into emergency kits you’ll have realized the food is most likely gonna suck! Whether you’re eating MRE Meals like the US army rangers or the standard dehydrated backpacking meals.  Some definetly taste better than others! There’s no reason you shouldn’t enjoy some nice wine. I’d personally recommend West & Wilder. They make great wines that just so happen to be in a can. 
So even though I think I’m more qualified than 2 Chains to come up with one of these kits I’m going to send you to ReadyGov and they’ll fully get you sorted with everything 2-Chains and I forgot. 
Thanks for tuning in and remember friends, wash your hands.

Matt Segal
Alpine Start Founder