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Alpine Start Team Gift Guide Pics 2019
If you’re anything like me you’re probably waiting until the last minute to do all your Holiday shopping. Wait no longer! The team at Alpine Start is here to help, and we have gift ideas for everyone, from cozy sweatshirts to croissant lights (yeah that’s a thing), we’ve got you covered! 
#1 These look good and feel good, for those mornings the sun is just too bright: ZEAL OPTICS ACE SHADES
#2 ALPINE START SPECIAL EDITION POW BOX Because coffee for the climate duh
#3 The holiday season is all about being comfortable and this may be the most cozy sweatshirt ever made! THE NORTHFACE CAMPSHIRE PULLOVER HOODIE
#4 I’m definitely one of those weirdos who ALWAYS brings my own mug places, weather its to the coffee shop or to mom’s house for dinner and breakfast HYDROFLASK COFFEE MUG
#5 We all eat and drink a little to much this time a year, and thats OK, but heres a little something to help with those rough mornings. MEDTERRA CBD
Since I'm on the road currently, I'm thinking about traveling and making things a little easier for me:
#1 This power bar is always in my backpack and I use it every trip I take because I have an older iPhone that is constantly dying. ANKER POWER BAR
#2 I'm digging this ROARK SHIRT: soft, comfy and technical but doesn't look like it
#3 The Overstory by Richard Powers is an amazing book weaving together tales about humans, trees and their interactions. GET IT
#4 STRAYE SLIP-ONS are always a must for travel. Comfortable and owned by skateboarder Jamie Thomas.
#5 ORIGINAL BLEND! Always comes in handy in a clutch whether I'm in Baja or a hotel.
#1 Happy to let everyone know where I stand in this CLARE V VIVE LA RESISTANCE SWEATSHIRT 
#2 If someone gave me this candle by Dada that slowly melts into a middle finger I would be so tickled. Such a ladylike F you. Love it! LIGHT MY FINGERS CANDLE
#3 This LILAC METALLIC BAGGU gives me all the feels. I'd be happy to lug around groceries or my kids crap in this sweet thang.
#4 So cute you could just eat it but don't!The CROISSANT LIGHT BY PAMPSHADE is just darling and makes me feel all kinds of cozy.
#5 Has to be our vegan COFFEE + COCONUT CREAMER. It's so creamy and delicious I can never get enough... even got all my friends hooked.
#1 With having kids, my carbon footprint has been on mind a lot. My wife and I have challenged ourselves this past year to stop using plastic bags, especially from the grocery store. These produce bags are the bomb. Lightweight, portable and the barcode can still be read through the bag. EARTHWISE BAGS
#2 I stopped carrying a thick leather wallet and moved to a RUGGED MATERIAL MINIMALIST WALLET. This has saved me from carrying random BS that I don't need and honestly don't miss.
#3 O.G. BLEND is my go-to coffee. It makes a great cup of joe hot or cold. it's a great pick me up when out summiting peaks and hitting the pow!
#4 If I have to wear shoes I like me feet to comfortable. DARN TOUGH makes the best, durable socks ever. Pretty much the only socks I own.
#5 I have a major sweet tooth and whether I'm out hiking or riding LITTLE SECRETS candy is in my pack. Great chocolate pick me up that's great tasting too!

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