Bored Yet?

Bored yet? Sick of home workout videos? Kill that sourdough starter you were trying to keep alive? Too many Dalgona Coffees and you fear a dentist visit coming? 

Welcome to another week of quarantine. 
 Seems like this is never ending, don’t it


Not sure about you but I’ve been craving some “pre-covid” normalcy. I miss my local coffee shop and the local bar even more! Fortunately most cities have lifted restrictions on selling alcohol to go. I’ve been enjoying Boulder’s T/aco shop turing into “Boulders very own community pandemic burrito and margarita emporium” https://www.instagram.com/tacoboulder/
So support a local business by getting a take out coffee or cocktail. I did this for the first time last week and it was great! If you’re stuck in the Boulder bubble like most of our team check out this list: https://www.dailycamera.com/2020/04/07/boulder-restaurants-open-delivery-curbside-takeout-meals-coronavirus/
If you’re in LA like the rest of our team here’s a great comprehensive list https://la.eater.com/2020/3/16/21182084/los-angeles-restaurants-coronavirus-delivery-take-out
Or hit up our cuz at Bar Stella for bottled craft cocktails to go. Plus they now have all kinds of market provisions even fire wood! https://www.instagram.com/cafestella
From what I’ve seen, pretty much every city has a list of restaurants that are open for business. Helping them by purchasing some togo food will help to make sure they’re still around when this is over!

Ordering out can get expensive. We’re not suggesting this to be a daily thing… But if you’re trying to live on a budget and ordering in is just not in the cards here’s some ideas of how to make some trips in your kitchen: 
I love Spain and I can’t wait to head back there and go climb! In the mean time https://www.tienda.com/ has all my tapas needs. 
Who doesn’t love a classic New York Jewish Deli?! I personally grew up on this and constantly am craving a better bagel https://www.zabars.com/
Days before Covid 19 struck the world I was on a climbing trip in Mexico having the time of my life, climbing lots, eating amazing food and drinking ballenas de Modelo (Basically the Mexican version of a 40). Wish I could transport back to that time. I personally have an amazing local Mexican market that I frequent but if you don’t: https://www.mexgrocer.com/
Finally, social distancing doesn’t have to be anti-social. 
Mike and I have been giving each other hair and mustache update photos:
That’s all I got for now. Hang in there and make the most of it. 

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