"Can I make you coffee in the morning?"

"Can I make you coffee in the morning?"

We want to know - what's your best line?

Everyone might not have that special someone lined up at the moment to spend Cupid's day with - so we're trying to help our fans out with some advice. For those of us who need it… What’s your favorite late night pick up line? 

To make this sweeter and get your creative brains going (to benefit everyone of course) top 3 lines that make us laugh, blush or that we can't stop repeating, win a pile of Alpine Start swag and coffee! We're talking 12oz coffee Hydro Flask , Rite in the Rain notebooks and Alpine Start coffee!

Need some inspiration? Here's our favorite example -  “Can I make you coffee in the morning?”
So put on that thinking cap and share your favorite (or most effective) late night pick up line! You can always share your fun comments and thoughts, but to be eligible for prizes we need all submissions through the link in by 2/14/19 11:59pm!

Click the LINK to submit your info and line!

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