HOLY CRAP TEAM.  #blametheshiba

Same as everyone else, we had a terrible couple of months back there in April and May. But then things got a little better in June, and went BONKERS in July. 

So bonkers that we went through products we thought we would have until November!

Don't worry though, we haven't sold out. Literally or figuratively: We aren't owned by a giant conglomerate, nor do we drive fancy cars. Case in point: the current state of my 2005 Tacoma. 

Since we had such a nutzo month (actually, which month in 2020 hasn't been?) we had to make a teeny change to how we are going to be sending products out the next month or so...


Starting this week, if you order a box of Original, Dirty Chai or Coffee + Creamer, you're not going to get a box.

We normally make a lot of product for hotels, events, for guide services and people going to Everest or on other expeditions around the world, but not this year and (probably) not next year. So we have a LOT of sticks to sell that don't have homes to go to and we are just about out of boxes. 

If you really want a box, let us know and we will try to get you one, we've got some that we can give to you if these are for a gift or if you just really want a box.

And because we love you we will be adding 1 extra stick per package!

If you're ordering Original Blend sticks, you'll get 9 sticks instead of 8, if you're ordering Dirty Chai or Coffee+Creamer, you'll receive 6 sticks instead of 5. Same goes for Variety Packs and Bundles - 1 extra piece per pack.

Feel free to let me know what you think about this. Would you prefer it for all your orders? Do you even care about getting some cardboard, or is it just as good to get the extra stick? Please reply to this email and let me know your thoughts. If you prefer it, we might just consider shipping without boxes forever...

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