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Saturday Sippings Volume 13 - Climate Strike

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You probably know tomorrow marks the first day of the Global Climate Strike. I hope we all have plans to get out and represent for the only planet we have. If you’re in need of ideas or more information please check out The Global Climbing Strike for activities near you. Mother Earth will thank you. 

This weeks Saturday Sippings (we know, it's Thursday) is fully dedicated climate activism. There’s a lot to do and many individuals, businesses and organizations out there doing what they can, and it's not just the “obvious” companies like Patagonia closing their doors. Hundreds of businesses and thousands of employees will be on the streets marching for our climate

We too will be closing our doors at Alpine Start tomorrow but haven’t quite figured out how to do a re-direct on our website ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. Too busy playing outside instead of keeping up with this technology

Climate change affects us all and it’s not just the outdoor community that’s fighting to raise awareness: The kids are alright.
Hope everyone gets out and represents tomorrow!  

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