Take a look at Coffee with Benefits here! Take a look at Coffee with Benefits here!

Coffee+Tunes for the Weekend

Hey Team! 

Is it time to stop calling it “quarantine” and just call it the new normal? 

Hope everyone is staying safe and healthy. I think by now we’re all running out of new things to do close to home. If you’re anything like me that “covid 19” weight gain is starting to settle in and you’re tired of spending time in the kitchen!

I may have murdered my poor sour dough starter but don’t worry, I’m not doing anything too drastic like going “keto” I just need a little break.

On the topic of breaks, I created this
fun “coffee” playlist on Spotify. Check it out and give it a listen, sip some coffee maybe put some whisky in it if you’re feeing half as bored as I was when I created the playlist.

Have a good weekend and don't forget to wash your hands.

Bored Yet?

Bored yet? Sick of home workout videos? Kill that sourdough starter you were trying to keep alive? Too many Dalgona Coffees and you fear a dentist visit coming? Welcome to another week of quarantine. Seems like this is never ending, don’t it