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Have a hard time with commitment? We get it. It's not easy getting into a long term relationship with someone you hardly know. We thought we'd make it easy for you to try all three blends before you jump in with us.

Each sampler pack contains one stick of our Original Blend, Coffee + Creamer and Dirty Chai Latte. That's three cups of awesome for you to try and find your favorite. We'll pay the shipping!

So what are you waiting for - order one up and see what you've been missing!

**Note - Samplers ship separately from other products ordered! Only 1 order per customer. For USA customers only.

Customer Reviews

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Carrie B.
Tested Out for "Shipping Out"

I tried these to test them out before going to work long durations on ships, where it's iffy coffee based on who's making it. I actually liked all three, and the space afforded to them packed away in luggage is manageable. As someone who is very picky about coconut tastes, I didn't mind the Coffee + Creamer. Rank based on how much I enjoyed them: Original Blend, Dirty Chai Latte, Coffee + Creamer.

Wes B.
Best instant coffee!!!

Let me start by saying I’m a coffee lover, except for instant coffee. I’ve never had good tasting instant coffee until I tried alpine start. I don’t know what they do different but it really does taste like normal brewed coffee. When I go camping it’s a hassle to bring everything I need to make brewed coffee. With alpine start you can simply toss it in your pack and hit the trail. When ready to drink just heat water and that quick you’ll have great tasting coffee. I highly recommend anyone to give it a try! I don’t think you will be disappointed.

Catherine K.
Great instant coffee and chai

The coffee is really quite good, smooth and doesn’t have that acidic taste that instant coffee usually does. The coffee+creamer was especially delicious, no coconut taste at all.

Jacob P.
They're All Good!

The plain 'ol coffee is great, but the one with creamer added has no business being that good. 100% going to use it on mountaineering trips.

Troy M.
Instant coffee plain and flavored.

Let me start by writing about the flavors. The coffee & creamer was okay, I think it may be the coconut ingredient that gave this product an odd taste. The unflavored was superb. I have been a coffee consumer for 40 years and this instant (unflavored) coffee is most excellent, with no instant coffee after-taste; it taste like brewed coffee!