Just Another Day At Alpine Start!

Just Another Day At Alpine Start! - Alpine Start

Ever wonder what an actual day looks like for me?

You may follow me on instagram and see all the craziness I post. Or you may follow Alex Hanifin, Alpine Start's CEO and see her posting ridiculous moments of me when I’m in the office.  The truth of the matter is I do work but I also like to keep things silly!

Life is supposed to be fun!  I’ve also been plagued with concept of feeling I need to milk every last drop of every single day; so my days are usually crammed with training, climbing, work, food and lots of coffee! I mean lots of coffee!

A few months ago I spent the day with The Caveman Collective. They followed me around and filmed one of my action packed days. Check out this short video to get a taste of a day in my life. 


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