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Once upon a climb... The birth of your favorite instant coffee.


fuel for everyday adventures

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Premium quality instant coffee

Instant Coffee That Actually Tastes Good

ice ice baby

Instantly dissolves. Hot or Cold.

100% Arabica Coffee Beans

We use the finest, high altitude grown coffee beans in the world. Sourced straight from Colombia.

Works in Hot or Cold Liquids

If it's water, almond milk, half and half or whiskey. Hot or cold - it will dissolve no matter what! 

Premium Coffee, Without the Hassle

Easy to carry and travel with. Whether you're getting up early or not.

Great Tasting Instant Coffee Original Blend Medium Roast
  • Travel

    Throw it in your purse, suitcase or backpack so you've always got a handy cup of coffee on the go.

  • School

    Afternoon slumps are no joke. At about $1/cup, Alpine Start is a quick fix to get you through that afternoon accounting class.

  • Emergency

    Disaster or Zombie apocalypse scenario? Either way, make sure you're prepared to stay sharp!

  • Camping

    We all love the idea of a hot cup of coffee in the outdoors. Don't weigh yourself down with all types of presses or paraphernalia to clean - Alpine Start is light, tasty and convenient.


"Best Instant Coffee Ever."
"Even when I have the time to brew a French press or pourover, sometimes I still choose my Alpine Start. It's just that good."

Enjoying a quality cup of Joe while backpacking can be tough, but Alpine Start, a Boulder, CO - based food brand, is surprising outdoor enthusiasts with their superb instant coffee.

"Even if I have time to make my favorite pourover, sometimes I still choose Alpine Start. It's packed with bold flavor, with notes of dark chocolate and roasted hazelnuts, but isn't bitter."

"A smooth, easy-to-drink cup of java."