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Seize the morning, save time AND drink good coffee.

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"A smooth, easy-to-drink cup of java."

This is easily the best instant coffee I have ever had. It blows Starbucks Via out of the water. A smooth flavor and not your typical instant coffee taste. It is essentially taste like the coffee I grind and put in my Aeropress in the morning. Would highly recommend for anyone who travels.

When I would hit the trail or travel, I always felt like I had to sacrifice quality or my budget to have a decent cup of coffee. Even at the office, I could never find a happy rhythm with an afternoon pick-me-up. That stopped with Alpine Start. Better than Starbucks Via. Highly recommend!

"Best Instant Coffee Ever."
"Even when I have the time to brew a French press or pourover, sometimes I still choose my Alpine Start. It's just that good."

"Even if I have time to make my favorite pourover, sometimes I still choose Alpine Start. It's packed with bold flavor, with notes of dark chocolate and roasted hazelnuts, but isn't bitter."

Enjoying a quality cup of Joe while backpacking can be tough, but Alpine Start, a Boulder, CO - based food brand, is surprising outdoor enthusiasts with their superb instant coffee.

Coffee + Creamer? Yes, please.

It's like coffee and creamer, but more awesome (and without dairy!). Get a jump on your morning with a creamy blend of non-dairy coconut creamer and premium coffee. FYI - doesn't taste like coconut! Tastes like creamer!

Dirty Chai

Sometimes you want a little indulgence to get your morning started. We took traditional chai spices and mixed them with our instant coffee and organic soymilk to make a warm, tasty treat.

Original Blend Medium Roast Instant Coffee
  • Travel

    Throw it in your purse, suitcase or backpack so you've always got a handy cup of coffee on the go.

  • School

    Afternoon slumps are no joke. At about $1/cup, Alpine Start is a quick fix to get you through that afternoon accounting class.

  • Emergency

    Disaster or Zombie apocalypse scenario? Either way, make sure you're prepared to stay sharp!

  • Camping

    We all love the idea of a hot cup of coffee in the outdoors. Don't weigh yourself down with all types of presses or paraphernalia to clean - Alpine Start is light, tasty and convenient.