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After years of searching for a tasty, dairy-free instant coffee that you actually want to take backpacking or on-the-go, we decided to make our own.  We’ve brewed all the smooth, rich, and full-bodied flavor of your favorite coffee into an instant. Our convenient, instant coffee bulk bag is perfect for camping, traveling, and for a quick cup of coffee at home.

Simply add 8 fl oz. of hot or cold water to 1 Teaspoon of our premium instant coffee, mix, and enjoy a great-tasting cup of iced or hot coffee anytime, anywhere!

120 mg of caffeine per serving

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Customer Reviews

Based on 78 reviews
P. Rice
Leaving Alpine

Amazing coffee but not worth all the ad pops when trying to reorder. Sorry Alpine

Enrico Polo
Good quality coffee!!

Arrived recently and immediately tasted it.
I'm Italian, you know, we Italians love coffee and are very critical of quality.
I must say that being an instant coffee I didn't feel any difference from a good espresso,
natural, intense and bitter just right.
definitely the best instant ever tried.
I will definitely buy more even if shipping to Europe is not cheap.
Well done Alpine Start🤘🏼

Charles Burnell
Best instant coffee yet!

When I don’t have the time to make a proper cup of coffee I can turn to Alpine Start for the next best thing.


Strong coffee with friendly customer service

Wayne Y Hoskisson
Amazing coffee for an instant

Purchased a couple of packages of single serve tubes for camping and traveling. The flavor was good enough I didn’t even look for a cup of coffee. I purchased a couple of bulk packages that I have been drinking at home and away from home. An ice cold glass of Alpine Start hit the spot for an early afternoon pick me up in the 105-110 degree weather we were having in July.