Original Blend 30-Serving Bulk Bag

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After years of searching for a tasty, dairy-free instant coffee that you actually want to take backpacking or on-the-go, we decided to make our own.  We’ve brewed all the smooth, rich, and full-bodied flavor of your favorite coffee into an instant. Our convenient, instant coffee bulk bag is perfect for camping, traveling, and for a quick cup of coffee at home.

Simply add 8 fl oz. of hot or cold water to 1 Teaspoon of our premium instant coffee, mix, and enjoy a great-tasting cup of iced or hot coffee anytime, anywhere!

120 mg of caffeine per serving

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Customer Reviews

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Rod E.
Amazing taste!

I can’t believe how good an instant coffee can taste.
I have a friend who is a buyer for Costco and I told him about your product. He told me that he only buys things that move off the shelves because they’re so good. I assured him that it would move because, to try it is to like it.

Rod Eggleston

Jennifer G.
Delicious and so convenient

I traveled with the packets of Original Blend and never bought a cup of coffee otherwise. It’s that good!

Crystal A.
Awesome product!

Awesome product!

Valerie P.
Pushes me through the day

I love Alpine start, both the traditional instant and the coffee with benefits. Im convinced its helping with my immunity this cold and flu season!

Alpine Original Blend 30-Serving Bulk Bag

I counted the number of servings of (one Tbl spoon) of the coffee and found out that the bag contains an average of 20 servings! First bag that I bought had 22 servings and the 2nd one contained 17 servings.