We’re Proud to Sponsor Access Fund’s Climber Stewards!

We’re Proud to Sponsor Access Fund’s Climber Stewards! - Alpine Start

Access Fund is the national advocacy organization that leads and inspires the climbing community toward sustainable access and conservation of the climbing environment.

They work with land managers and local climbing advocates to protect and conserve all the beautiful places that make the climbing experience so special. It also means educating and inspiring the climbers who visit those landscapes to minimize their impacts.

Why: Any time humans are out on the land there will be environmental impact, and climbing is no exception. But Access Fund has the expertise to help local climbing communities manage these impacts so that climbing landscapes can thrive.

Access Fund’s Climber Stewards

Access Fund’s Climber Stewards are on-site at popular climbing areas to provide visitors with information and resources to help them minimize their environmental impacts. The chief goal is education, connecting with climbers in the field where outreach takes on a different dimension.

Climber Stewards offer free morning coffee (Alpine Start Original Blend) at trailheads and visit crags throughout the day to connect with climbers as they recreate. The Climber Stewards program, which currently serves the New River Gorge region in West Virginia and Indian Creek, Utah, builds on the success of similar programs around the country.

“Climber Coffee” Events

During prime climbing season, the Climber Stewards will host regular “Climber Coffee” events to connect with climbers on the area’s natural and cultural values and share Leave No Trace strategies to protect cultural heritage and native vegetation, as well as raise awareness around raptor closures and discuss their restoration efforts.

Since our partnership with Access Fund began in 2022, the Climber Stewards have served 4,000+ cups of Alpine Start coffee to visitors! We can’t thank the Climber Stewards enough for all the amazing work they’re doing, and look forward to keeping them caffeinated!

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