Coffee With Benefits (OCU)

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Coffee with Benefits: Immunity+Focus is an Organic instant coffee and non-dairy creamer powered by Organic Lion's Mane, Organic Reishi Mushrooms, MCT's and Vitamins A & D.

Just add some hot water to get through whatever wild goals you have, even if it's just getting out of bed. 

*Dairy Free, Vegan*

Customer Reviews

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Jennifer G.
A good morning boost

This is a refreshing way to begin the day. I make this the night before and sip it cold.

jerome s.
It started as filler for freelance shipping

Truthfully, I ordered this coffee to help me get my cart to a free shipping threshold on another site. And here I am now, ordering two packs of it off this website. Amazing stuff and tastes great!

Jen P.
Mmmm :yum:

I love Alpine start on my hikes, but now I love it at home, too! The Coffee with Benefits makes the best dalgona coffee treat I’ve ever had! Mmmmm!

Adam D.
Buy this. It's good!

Honestly, I was skeptical of this when I first purchased it. I use it for early mornings when I don't have time to make regular coffee. I use it in the afternoon during that mid-day crash. I use it when I'm trying to write my PhD dissertation and need a little pick me up. I used to drink tea in the afternoon, and this has pretty much replaced that.

matthew m.
Love the new coffee!

Very excited to purchase the Alpine Start coffee with benefits. All their products taste great. Best travel coffee or coffee on the go!