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Food. Adventure. Community.

Brine Magazine is a ground-up effort to find the intersection of these three passions. The stories and photography captured within these pages are the result of a wild and memorable road trip around the West to meet up with some of the most interesting climbers, skiers, BASE jumpers, chefs, farmers, ranchers and artists in the world. The result of that adventure is found in these pages, which are filled with stories, recipes, and soul from its creators: pro climber Matt Segal; photographer Drew Smith, and writer Andrew Bisharat. 

Proceeds from each issue go to Farm to Crag a climber-driven nonprofit focused on connecting climbers with sustainable, locally-grown food.

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Customer Reviews

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Robert H.
Really interesting!

Engrossing and interesting, and super well put together.

Deborah S.
Brine magazine

Beautiful photos and wonderful story telling! Gathering and sharing meals... doesn't get much better than that!

Richard P.

When I received my copy of Brine I was initially impressed with the care and quality that was obviously put into its publication. The photos on each page were more stunning than the ones before.
As I delved into the content, I came across interesting back stories behind the development of recipes. that as an cook myself, presented a new and unique way of thinking about food sourcing and creative ways of integrating simple ingredients to produce simply delicious meals in and out of the traditional "kitchen".
Finally, Brine told stories of the people behind these food stories that are bold pioneers in the culture of climbing. Each one of their stories painted a picture of inspiration for young and upcoming future climbers.
Somethings that are new and different are not always better. In this case Brine, for me, is a Masterpiece enjoyed from cover to cover.

Victoria B.
Amazing work

Beautiful pictures, captivating writing - loved it!