Temps are rising ☀️ Cool off with some Iced Coffee 🧊

Temps are rising ☀️ Cool off with some Iced Coffee 🧊 - Alpine Start
Well, folks, we are almost 3 weeks into summer and over halfway through the longest year... but at least we can get outside again.

And what better way to fare the summer morning and afternoon heat than with iced coffee?
One reason our Original Blend is better than most other instant coffees is that it mixes with hot OR cold water. Yep, you heard me — bring a stick on the trail and throw that baby in your ice-filled thermos whenever you need a cold perk. 
One trick we LOVE is making our own COFFEE ICE CUBES. It's simple, just fill those trays with some freshly mixed Alpine Start and freeze 'em. You'll never drink a watery iced coffee again. You are welcome. Send me some pics on Instagram of your iced coffee cocktails and we'll send you a discount code.
If you're looking to get fancy with it... check out these tips.

AND if you are totally late to the Dalgona Coffee game check out this tutorial from our very own Mike and myself.

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4/20/2020 - Alpine Start

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