Oatmilk With Benefits Single Serve 5-pack

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Experience the Convenience of Oat Milk On-the-Go!

Discover Our Immunity+Focus Single Serve Oatmilk Packs

Looking for oat milk that perfectly fits your busy lifestyle? Look no further! Our single-serve oat milk packs are designed for ultimate convenience, delivering a creamy and nutritious beverage wherever you go. With 5 packs per carton, you're equipped for days on the move.

Just rip, pour, and mix - and in 20 seconds, you're ready to enjoy the creamy, delicious taste of oatmilk. We recommend one packet per 6oz of water, but feel free to adjust to your desired creaminess level!

But that's not all - our oatmilk isn't just convenient; it's packed with benefits: Our Immunity+Focus blend, crafted with organic lion's mane, reishi mushrooms, and essential vitamins A & D. These powerful adaptogens and nootropics are formulated to enhance cognitive function and overall well-being.

So whether you're tackling that problem at the crag or in your math class our oatmilk with benefits is here to support you.

Plus, it's dairy-free and vegan!


Powdered Oat Milk


Is powdered oat milk healthy? Our oatmilk packs are crafted with organic ingredients, including powerful adaptogens and essential vitamins. They're designed to provide a nutritious and convenient option for busy individuals.

Does powdered oat milk exist? Yes, silly! Our single-serve oatmilk packs offer a powdered form of oat milk for easy preparation and consumption.

Can you get oat milk powder? Absolutely! Our oatmilk packs provide the convenience of oat milk powder, allowing you to enjoy creamy goodness wherever you go.

Is oat milk powder the same as oat flour? No, oat milk powder is distinct from oat flour. Oat milk powder is specifically formulated to dissolve easily in water, creating a creamy beverage, while oat flour is primarily used in baking and cooking applications.

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Catherine Roche
Picked up at REI and I love it!

Just came by your website because I bought this on a whim at REI and absolutely LOVE IT! Super convenient, it froths up really well and I make it at work and will definitely be keeping some in my travel bag too! Thank you!