Take a look at Coffee with Benefits here! Take a look at Coffee with Benefits here!


If you are like me you’re on a cooking binge and looking to change it up a bit. It’s April 20th, so I tried to make a video about making these amazing “best day ever” coffee cannabis oatmeal cookies but the truth is I ate too much batter and the video was unsuitable, even for our standards! It happens.

You've gotta try this! A mocha peanut butter cup dessert dip made with Alpine Start!

dessert dip recipe baking with coffee alpine Start
We recently teamed up with Marlo's Bakeshop to create a fun and delicious dessert that's one of our new favorites. This recipe is really the best of both worlds; both a satisfying sweet treat and playful dessert dip! We wanted to craft a recipe that would work as a great snack or dish to share with friends (or as a treat for yourself!) This recipe features Alpine Start's coffee flavors and Marlo's Bakeshop delicious soft-baked biscotti!